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2014-10-31 14:03:36
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Recently, our company found that some lawbreakers conducted business under the guise of our company or company’s top leaders. Not only is the image of our company seriously damaged, but also the legitimate rights and interests of the innocent customers is greatly harmed. In order to prevent innocent customers and partners being cheated by these lawbreakers, our company solemnly makes a statement as follows:

1.    All our products and documents are ONLY sold on our website or by the authorized dealer. Our company firmly resists the products and documents from any other ways, to protect our customers’ legitimate rights.

2.    Our products and trademark have never been authorized to any company, group and individuals to use. Company's board of directors, executive officers, staff, outside consultants, partners also have no right to do business activities without authorization. Anyone who finds this kind of illegal act, please report promptly to our company.

3.    Our company treats customers equally. Any group or individuals who deceive customers under the guise of our company's top leaders, once discovered, will be dealt with harshly.

4.    As to the identified event ­­“business done under the guise of our company’s top leaders”, punishment shall be made according to the market management regulations and its legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.


To create a better business environment, let’s supervise together. Anyone who finds this kind of illegal act, please promptly report to our company. Our company shall cooperate with the functional departments to make relevant punishments by the law.                    Hotline: 0510-86610879.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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