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AL-Ground Mounting System

Projrct information

 Solar Panels Size:  1650*992*40mm
 Tilt Angle:  30 Deg
 Module Orientation:  Portrait
 Foundation:  Ground Screw
 Flood Height  500mm
 Wind Speed:  Normal
 Unit Array:  2*10 (20pcs panels)


 Item  Description  Spec.  Qty
 TT-BR-5070  B-Rail 5070  5070mm  8pcs
 TT-BR-SP  B-Rail Splice  200mm  4pcs
 TT-BR-C60  B-Rail Clamp  60mm  24pcs
 TT-IC-F35/40  Inter Clamp Kit  35~40  36pcs
 TT-EC-F40  End Clamp Kit  40mm  8pcs
 TT-AG-BA-2600  Assembly of Support Beam, 2600mm  2600mm  3pcs
 TT-AG-T-660  Front Leg, Square Tube, 660mm  660mm  3pcs
 TT-AG-T-1560  Back Leg, Square Tube, 1560mm  1560mm  3pcs
 TT-AG-T-1800  Brace, Square Tube, 1800mm  1800mm  3pcs
 TT-AG-B  Front and Bottom Base for AG  160mm  3pcs
 TT-F76B-1600-T4  F-Ground Screw with Nut M24  76x1600  6pcs

Note: If the foundation is concrete, the Ground Screw can be replace.

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