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Solar Panel Installation and maintenance: Tips and guideline

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The solar energy industry has witnessed a boom as more and more people are opting for solar panel installation in their residential and commercial spaces. It is very essential to keep in mind the basic tips and guidelines for solar panel installation and maintenance for an efficient and effective energy solution.

Evaluation of site for solar PV potential

Solar photovoltaic panels are common grid-connected PV system configuration with selective design solutions to address the requirement of a building. Prior to sun power panel installation, it is essential to evaluate the site as follow:

-   If the site is free from shading by trees, buildings or any other obstruction

-   If a good orientation for the PV system can be located

-   If the site is big enough to accommodate the solar array

-   The kind of roof the building has

Installation of sun power solar panels

The installation of the solar panel starts with prepping the roof and placing the electrical wiring that will connect to the electrical panels and generate power. Once the wiring is completed, the racking for the panels is installed. The panels are then placed on racks and inverters are connected to panels to convert direct current energy into alternating current energy 2hich can be used for daily errands. The installation phase generally takes up to 1 to 3 days depending on the size and type of solar panel installation.

Maintenance of Solar power panels

Solar panels once installed currently, ha very little maintenance to it. For general cleaning, once can use a garden hose to wash the panel face. Keep in mind not to clean the panels with cold water. If you have no time cleaning the panels, you can install automated cleaning sprinkler systems. One can also opt for cleaning service from solar company to get the panels inspected and cleaned for any dirt collected on them.

Here are some general tips and guidelines to keep in mind while getting the green power solar panels installed and maintained:

-   Ensure that the solar panels are out of the shade to have efficient energy production

-   Keep an eye on solar panels and make sure the inverters are flashing green light. If the inverter isn’t charged green, immediately call the solar panel installation team and get it rectified.

-   Keep a note of how much energy is produced at a consistent time every day to keep a count on the efficiency of solar panels. Documenting day to day performance of solar panels will help you improve its maintenance

-   Cleaning kits come in very handy for the panels. You can use plain water or soft brush to remove the build up dust on the panels. Never use abrasive sponge or soap as it might scratch the solar panel glass. Even the use of harsh materials can cause damage to the panels.

Keeping your solar panels well maintained can help increase the output and overall shelf life of the panels. With some basic routine you can efficiently manage the maintenance of your solar panels.

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